Hello Old Friend

I have always loved art and crafts and most things tactile. I grew up with my mom making quilts and sewing clothes for my sister and I. I can remember playing ‘fort’ beneath her quilt frame.

When I was about to turn 16 most of my friends were asking for vehicles. I asked for my very own sewing machine.

sewing machine


This beauty was given to me by my parents for my sixteenth birthday and it has been my faithful friend ever since. Even when it has been shut away in a closet for, sometimes years at a time, it is always ready when I need it.

As a young mom I continued to make clothes and a couple quilts, but as you can relate, life gets busy. I willing put this passion aside to focus on things that had to be done and other pursuits. I have to admit, I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, until I decided to create a welcome home quilt for my cousin who was returning home after 15 years abroad.



In preparation for my first real sewing project in about 15 years, I found myself emotional at the fabric shop, immersed in a sense of home, peace, but mostly excitement.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the projects I have been working on in the coming months.

What is your favourite art or craft? What makes your heart swell with anticipation?


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Jo-Ann Exclusive KIWI Edition coming to SIC shops

Okay,  so have you seen the newest Project Life Edition – KIWI?


It is gorgeous!

Most of you have also noted that it was created exclusively for Jo-Ann stores. However, Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle is excited to announce it will be carrying this beautiful edition in both the Canadian/International and the UK/Europe shops. Yup, that’s right!

In fact, it is already at the warehouse in Canada – shipping this week.

I expect it will be in UK customs early next week and I hope to see it at the warehouse the week of February 10, 2014.


Kiwi Edition 12x12 Cloth Album


Kiwi Card Sampling

 Sampling of cards

Kiwi First and Last Cards

 First and Last Page cards

Kiwi 12x12 Paper

12×12 Paper Pack

Kiwi-cardstock-3x4 Kiwi-cardstock-4x6

3×4 and 4×6 Textured Cardstock

 Kiwi Dividers

Kiwi Dividers

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Shopping!

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Organizing Seasonal Home Decor

Don’t worry, I cleaned up my holiday decorations shortly after New Year’s, but thought I would share how I store my seasonal decor items.


Please note, my home decor style is rather minimalistic, so I don’t have a lot to add/switch out for each season. In fact most of my items are Christmas related.  But whether your stash is small or big it still needs to be organized for a few reasons.

1. So stuff isn’t broken
2. So you can find it next year
3. So it can fit, hidden away, when you aren’t using it

I use clear plastic bins, so at a glance I can quickly see what is inside. They are stored in a large closet we have in our basement.

I have one bin for Christmas gift boxes, bags, tags, bows, etc. I always keep some rolls of scotch tape, a pair of scissors and a couple pens in the bin as well. That way when it comes time to wrap a gift, I simply grab this bin and my wrapping paper rolls and I know I have everything I need.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I enjoy having our tree up early in the season (usually by December 1), so I prefer a ‘fake’ tree. In the past, storing this puppy has been a challenge, but I finally found a rubbermaid bin made just for the task, and I even found a space in our storage closet to keep it tucked away until next year.

I have a 2 bins that hold the tree and home decorations and then one large cardboard box that I put my wreaths in. I haven’t found a square plastic bin big enough for the wreaths, but I am on the look out for one.


I have one bin to hold decorations for other seasons – which is really minimal. Just a couple door hangers to welcome Spring and Fall.

How do you store your seasonal decor items.


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Michaels Exclusive coming to SIC in Europe!

First, I have to announce the winners of our little giveaway we had over the weekend as we reached 1000 likes on Facebook.

The 4 winners of FREE SHIPPING are:

Laura Waldeis in UK
Lisa Barton in UK
Maria Sinding in Canada
Carmen Laidley in Canada

Congratulations ladies! Your shipping costs will be refunded today via PayPal.


I am thrilled to announce that Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle’s UK/Europe Shop will carry the Michaels exclusive Project Life products.

This includes the designer 6×8 albums, full size Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy core kits plus more. Well actually… all of it :)

Michael's Exclusive - sampler



This is just a sampling of a few of the products coming soon!


Please be sure you are on the eblast list. I will notify you as soon as these goodies are available for pre-order!

Watch tomorrow {next week} for another exclusive announcement for both the Canadian and European shops!


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Getting Organized and a little giveaway

Let’s get to the good part first – the giveaway.

1000 likes on FacebookThis week Scrapbook Coach reached 1000 likes on Facebook, so I thought it was appropriate to have a little treat.

All orders placed between Jan 10 and Jan 19, 2014 will be entered to win free shipping!

Whether pre-order or an in-stock order, be sure to place an order by the end of day on Sunday to have your name entered into the draw. I will randomly choose two winners from the Canadian shop and two winners from the UK/Europe shop! I will make the announcement on Monday, Jan 20, 2014.


With the start of a new year and with the intent to be organized and balanced, I am always excited to take some time to plan out some of the big things for the year. I know real life can throw some curve balls and things get adjusted, but this is an opportunity for us to get a bird’s eye view of our overall goals and dreams.

Part of that is planning out our business ideas and what we want to accomplish this year. Then we break it down into bite size pieces and put them on a calendar. At a quick glance I can know what I need to take care of this month, week, today.

I am a visual person when it comes to this task + it feeds my office supply junkie fix *grin*

We have a perpetual year planning calendar with dry erase markers, plus I printed out some monthly calendars from timeanddate.com, making sure to include the holidays.

2014 planning

I first put all the weekends and holidays onto the perpetual calendar. Then Rumilio and I sat down and discuss the overall plan, then broke it down to tangible steps that are needed to accomplish those goals. We started by assigning tasks to each week for now. Daily goals are revisited on a weekly basis and are usually pretty obvious once we know the goal for the week.

Now that we have it on the wall calendar and hung in our office, I enter the information into my online calendar (I use the Google calendar) with reminders set. Those little reminders are key for me. Like you, I have a lot going on in my life. I thought it might slow down now that the kids are gone from home – but nope! Still busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2014 plans laid out

I can not express the *SIGH* of relief and excitement I feel every time I walk into my office and see this. I am a list girl and having a written plan, even though I know it will adjust and change, gives me the head space to put it into action.

Do you find that you have all these things you want to accomplish running through your head? Whether daily, weekly or monthly plans? I recommend you take some time to physically write them down – yes with pen and paper. You will be amazed how freeing it is to have it in black and white and not rumbling around in your head, hoping it isn’t forgotten.

Now you can use your brain space to set in motion the tasks needed to accomplish those goals!

Here is to an amazing 2014!


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