Project Life Baby Editions + Free Shipping = PRICELESS!!

Remember these?

Project Life Baby Editions


AND these?

Mayfield Childhood Edition

I am so thrilled to announce that I have a shipment arriving with the last of these Exclusive Project Life BABY Editions and original Childhood Mini Kits (and I mean very LAST).

Yup – that’s right! Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle is so excited to have the full size Baby Edition core kits and the Childhood Mini Kits available for Pre-Order, although in VERY LIMITED quantities. Thanks to our friends ‘down under’ for graciously letting us dip into their ‘retired’ stock, so I can offer you this LAST CHANCE opportunity!

These RETIRED editions are scheduled to arrive to my warehouses in October 2014! Due to the time-frame of the freight of this exclusive stock and that these items are officially out of print, we are offering an extended Pre-Order period so you can be sure to get yours secured for shipping in October 2014.


Oh but, wait there is more!

Back To School Sale

I have launched our BACK to SCHOOL sale!

Pick up textured cardstocks, 12×12 Paper packs and Dividers at up to 70% off!

Use the textured cardstock cards to create lunch ‘love’ notes, flash cards, or let your teens use them for colour coded study cards.

Stock up on Dividers and 12×12 paper packs, so you are ready to complete their school album!


And if that wasn’t enough…


Free Shipping

Get your order shipped for FREE (Canada and EU addresses only) until September 7, 2014

Yup, that’s right all Canadian, UK and EU orders ship FREE!

Plus, if you create a separate pre-order for the Baby Editions and Childhood Mini Kits by September 7th, I will even ship them for free when they arrive in October!

I think this good news deserves a #happydance Don’t you?



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New Product Update!

Summer is half over, but things are hopping around here.

Last week the latest products from Teresa Collins landed in the shop. Her new Studio Gold collection is stunning. And the best part is the variety of album sizes. Everything from full on 12×12 to Instagram + the newest pocket scrapbooking sizes – 8.5×11 and 6×12.

Studio Gold-1


I have also brought in (and almost SOLD OUT) of the WRMK Albums Made Easy Card Cabinet and Sleeve Shelf Organizer. This beauty is perfect to compliment any home decor and keeps all of your pocket scrapbooking supplies neat and organized. It works great for both Albums Made Easy and Project Life products. You can even customize using labels.


There are a couple left in the Canadian shop, so don’t wait to get yours delivered.

If you are in Europe, our stock of the organizers is already sold out – Incredible! If you missed out and still want one, please contact me as I am placing a custom order next month.

Project Life Value Kits

I am thrilled to announce that the long awaited Project Life VALUE KITS are now available for Pre-Order. I expect they will arrive next week to the warehouses.

The Project Life Value kits offer great designs and colors (like you expect from Project Life), just in smaller kits. Plus the packaging is more ‘disposable’, so no guilt when you throw it out.

There are 9 different designs with 180 cards per kit.

I think my favourite is the “Boys Rule” kit.


Check out Canadian pre-order here and UK/Europe pre-orders here

Check back next week for some new products coming in August!

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Final Daily Flash Sale! Check out these SEVEN items on sale today!

Thanks so much for joining me in celebrating my birthday this week.

Today is the last DAILY FLASH SALE and these seven items are on sale today ONLY.

Use Coupon Code Bday2014Day6 to save 20% now!

Strawberry 12x12 Cloth Album

Strawberry 12×12 Cloth Album

Strawberry 12x12 Paper Pack

Strawberry 12×12 Paper Pack

Strawberry Core Kit

Strawberry Core Kit

Azure 12x12 Cloth Album

Azure 12×12 Cloth Album

Azure 12x12 Paper Pack

Azure 12×12 Paper Pack

Azure Core Kit

Azure Core Kit

Themed Cards - Man's World

Themed Cards – Man’s World


Remember to use coupon code Bday2014Day6 to save 20% now!

Have a great weekend!

Watch the blog for product announcements next week. :)

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Yahoo! The Birthday Bash Continues {Day 5}

Wow – only two more days to go of my Daily Flash Sale in celebration of my birthday this week!

I am so glad you have joined me.

If you are new to pocket scrapbooking, I highly recommend you watch the videos on this page and this one.

Today is Day 5 of my Birthday Bash and I am celebrating by giving you 20% off the following SEVEN items:

Use Coupon Code Bday2014Day5 to save now!


Mini  Album - Blush

Mini Album – Blush

Themed Cards - Princess

Themed Cards Princess

Mini Kit - Styleboard

Mini Kit – Styleboard

Honey 12x12 Paper Pack

Honey 12×12 Paper Pack

Honey Dividers

Honey Dividers

Honey Core Kit

Honey Core Kit

Honey 12x12 Album

Honey 12×12 Album


Remember to use Coupon Code Bday2014Day5 to save 20% now!

Check back tomorrow for the final day of my Birthday Bash celebrations and one more set of SEVEN products in our DAILY FLASH SALE


Happy Friday!!



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Day 4 of Birthday Bash and Another Daily Flash Sale

It is day 4 of my week long Birthday Bash and I am so glad you have joined me!

Here are the SEVEN items on sale today only during our Daily Flash Sale:

Use Coupon Code: Bday2014Day4 to save 20% right now!

6x8 Faux Leather Album - Rain

6×8 Faux Leather Album – Rain

Kraft Dividers

Kraft Dividers

Kraft 12x12 Paper Pack

Kraft 12×12 Paper Pack

Kraft Core Kit

Kraft Core Kit

Kraft 12x12 Album

Kraft 12×12 Album

Mini Kit Holiday

Mini Kit Holiday

AC Project Life Faux Leather 12x12 Album - Rain

AC Project Life Faux Leather 12×12 Album – Rain



Remember to Use Coupon Code: Bday2014Day4 to save 20% right now!

Check back tomorrow for Day 5 of my Daily Flash Sale to see what SEVEN items I have chosen.

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Birthday Celebrations Mean Savings for YOU! Day 3 of Our Daily Flash Sale

As you may have heard already, I am celebrating my birthday in July and I am giving you a gift of savings each day this week.

Today is Day 3 of our Daily Flash Sale.

Right now save 20% off these select SEVEN items:

Use Coupon Code: Bday2014Day3

Themed Cards - Road Trip

Themed Cards – Road Trip

Cinnamon Dividers

Cinnamon Dividers

Cinnamon Core Kit

Cinnamon Core Kit

Cinnamon Cloth 12x12 Album

Cinnamon Cloth 12×12 Album

Cinnamon 12x12 Paper Pack

Cinnamon 12×12 Paper Pack

Mini Album Cinnamon

Mini Album – Cinnamon

6x8 Faux Leather Album - Cinnamon

6×8 Faux Leather Album – Cinnamon


Remember to Use Coupon Code: Bday2014Day3 to save 20% right now!

Check back tomorrow for Day 4 of my Daily Flash Sale to see what SEVEN items I have chosen.



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