Closing Out FAQs

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me. Since making our Closing Out announcement, I have been brought to my knees over and over again with your outpouring of love.

There have been a few frequently asked questions that I thought I would answer here to help clarify:

When I placed my order, I forgot to use my Gift Certificate or outstanding Store Credit, can you manually adjust my charges?

Oh Shoot – that’s unfortunate!

Your Gift Certificate or Store Credit code must be used at checkout when you make your purchase. Due to time constraints, I cannot go back and manually apply it to refund your discount. If you missed your chance to use it, you are welcome to use it on your next order. However, I would hurry as time is running out and there will be no cash refund on gift certificates or store credits that go unused.

How soon will my order ship?

We do our best to process your order within 24-48 hours. However due to our Closing Out SALE we are experiencing a HIGH volume of orders, so it may take 7-10 business days for your order to ship.

Thank you for your patience.


NOTE that estimated delivery dates only become effective once your order has been shipped. We can not guarantee delivery dates. Click to learn more about our Shipping Policy.

I received my order, but I would like to do a return/exchange

I am sorry.

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.




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Mixing Traditional with Pocket Scrapbooking

The following content is usually reserved for my coaching clients who understand and appreciate that as a Scrapbook Coach, I can be quite blunt and generally hold nothing back. However, today is your lucky day…


I have to ask: How are YOU dealing with your different albums…


This question landed in my inbox from a long-time coaching client and one of my sweetest, loyal customers.

Eva further explained her dilemma:

I have 3 teenagers and started a baby album for one of them recently… I know it is up to me how I would like to organize photos and stuff, but IF you choose to follow Becky’s advice for filling the baby album, the baby core kit will fill one album with the babys first year!

I would like a single album to hold the complete first year PLUS maybe up to 5 years… But it seems like it is not going to work out.

What is YOUR solution for baby albums? Do you have only ONE baby album for each kid? And do you only fill it with the first year? If you fill the baby album with only the first year. How many additional albums do you have for each kid?

I am a bit worried that I will end up with too many albums for each kid. I wish I could have only 1 baby album and approximately 2 additional albums for each kid. However, I am realizing it may not be possible to do so, because I would like to add drawings and other memorabilia to the albums to keep everything in one place,

And there is no such room for that.

I have made a lot of traditional scrapbooking pages before and now I only make pocket scrapbooking pages, but these old layouts take a lot of space so there is no room for Project Life pages, drawings, etc before the album is full.

So, my problem seems to be that I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO NARROW IT DOWN!

How do you purge among all your printed photos you have in boxes? I find it difficult to narrow them down, but if I keep every photo I have in the boxes, I will end up with hundreds of albums AND I don’t think my kids will appreciate having 10 albums from their childhood. I think it would be enough with one or two…?! Can you please help me out here?

Sound familiar? Can you relate?


Unfortunately, I think there could be an international debate on what is the “right” way to create a child’s scrapbook – LOL

Let me preface the following with this:

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to record your story or the story of your child.

Before I share my opinions below, I have a couple questions I want you to ask yourself. Eva touches on one of them in her note

First, “…will my kids appreciate 10 albums…”

The second question is what would YOU have liked your own mother to have recorded from your childhood?

Okay, so with those things in mind, let’s dig deeper.


4 Things to Consider


1. Your child will be FINE without every moment of their young lives recorded. It is sometimes easy to forget that our generation grew up without ‘scrapbooking’ as we know it, and that we turned out okay.

2. Some stuff is better kept as legend. What does that mean? Do you have a fond memory of a childhood event that lives eternally inside of you? Sometimes the ‘story’ is better than real life. Every child needs those kinds of memories too; where they felt uber confident, super human, even invincible! And a photo may just shatter that memory with reality.  (For example the ‘big fish’ they caught when they were 5, that was really just a minnow) Share the story as it is fondly remembered. No need to add photos. Proof not required ;)

3. Just because we took a photo doesn’t mean it MUST make it into a scrapbook. Especially in this era of digital photos, it can take only a few minutes to snap 50 or more pictures. I grew up in the film era, when you only had 24 photos on a roll of film, therefore we were fairly picky about when we clicked that shutter button. However, even then we could still end up with mountains of photos so similar, and really only need ONE to tell the story. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the dawn of the digital era and the convenience of having one built into my phone. I just don’t have to ‘save’ or ‘scrapbook’ them all. I will be honest, I am brutal when it comes to my printed photos. I estimate that 50-60% of what I have as printed photos end up in the trash (yes the garbage – gasp). When it comes right down to it, to much is TOO MUCH.

4. We are ‘memory keeping’, not ‘detail keeping’. Recording some highlights, lowlights and everyday moments that capture the era and place we grew up are precious, but it is not necessary to record every detail in order for our children to appreciate the life they have. I love Lisa Bearson’s quote. “It should take longer to create the memory than record it”.


Here is my personal philosophy about memory keeping…


I do not take photos to scrapbook. I take photos to capture moments in our lives. Putting my photos into a scrapbook is the format I use to share those moments with my family and friends.

Okay so now that I have been brutally honest, let me share what my own mother did, as well as what I have done for my own kids.




How my Mom recorded my story


My mom created a baby album that covered the basics (just like the journal prompts in the Baby Edition core kits). It was in a spiral bound album from the early 70’s. As I grew she added yearly photos and a few cards or notes. Once I entered school she recorded details like my teacher, my favorite subject and who my best friends were that year. She also had me give her the names of all my classmates, which she wrote on the back of every class picture.


When I was 13, my sister and I received a very special Christmas present… An empty photo album.

Mom pulled out the boxes of photos her and dad had collected over our short lives, as well as those school records. We spent the holidays recording our own stories. We asked questions, and reminisced about some of our favorite memories as a family.

By the end of the holiday season I had an album that included baby photos through my pre-teen years. My handwriting told stories my parents shared and many of my own. From that point to my adulthood I created a second album.  I have those 3 albums exactly as they are to this day. Baby Album, Up to 13 and Teen Years. (I touch on these in my Secret #2 video)

Photo preservation was not something we considered in the 80’s however these albums have given my own children moments of laughter and love as they get a glimpse of me growing up. I had considered re-doing them with archival safe products, but part of the memory is in the actual creating of the albums. So they will just stay the way they are.

Mom and Dad also spent that Christmas creating ‘Annual Family Albums’. Which my mom kept up until I had kids. Now she has two or three or 10 years in a single album of her and my dad and their kids and grandkids.


My personal strategy


As for my own kids, each child has a single album (the Pioneer brand album) that hold birth to age 5 or 6. I have no plans of ‘re-doing’ these albums with the baby editions as they are precious memories just as they are. Each child then has 2 albums that cover their school age years. This was my spot to put things related to school, artwork and their specific friends. I used pocket scrapbooking products to create these albums.

Everything else is simply added to our annual family album (also done using pocket scrapbooking supplies).

Our 2013 Family Scrapbook

Although my boys are not really into ‘recording their story’ like I was, they once in a while send me photos via text message of stuff they have going on in their lives. I like to print these off and add them to our family album for the year as little glimpses into their lives.


Integrating Old and New layout styles


The thing to remember is this… What we have recorded in the past is great just the way it is. Period. There is no need to reinvent, deconstruct or redo old layouts. And in the case of Eva’s albums, there is definitely no need to tear apart old completed albums, just because you have discovered the ease of pocket scrapbooking.

That just sounds stressful, wouldn’t you agree?

If your traditional layouts fill an album (or more) already, I would simply leave them as is and start going forward with pocket scrapbooking. If you have photos that fill in the gaps in your traditional layouts, it is just fine for them to be in a separate album using a pocket page style. No need to add extra work for yourself.

If you only have a few traditional style 12×12 layouts or you still create the odd one, I would simple add them to your current pocket style scrapbook using a 12×12 page protector. Don’t have a second layout for the back side, no worries – simply add a piece of 12×12 cardstock that coordinates with your kit.



A note about kids artwork


Everything our kids create is precious, in the moment. But remember that throwing out or choosing not to photograph/record individual items does not diminish our love for our children or their talents.


Creating Legends


My son and I have fond memories of a detailed sketch he did of how he was going to engineer a dinosaur out of paper, tape and staples. The sketch is long gone, as is the 6ft long (or was it 12ft long) paper dinosaur he made, that stood up on its own and filled our hallway or was it the livingroom…

Legends. We all need them. ;)


There you have it. My brutally honest opinion.


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Fall Leather Sale On Now!

This past week, winter came a little early in my part of the world.

On Sunday afternoon is was 26°C and by Monday morning there was snow on the ground. By the time the blizzard was over we had 15cm of the white stuff on the ground.

Our poor trees.


Welcome to Alberta weather!

Anyway, it got me thinking of warmer clothes, layering up, leather boots and gloves… and that brought me too…



On now, until the Fall Equinox (Sept 23, 2014) all LEATHER ALBUMS are 50% off, while supplies last!

Yes I’m CRAZY!

50% off ALL sizes and brands.


Mini Album

Project Life Mini Albums

4x4 Instagram Album

WRMK Albums Made Easy 4×4 Instagram Leather Albums




Project Life Leather 6×8 Mini Albums



WRMK 6×12 Albums in a variety of colours


WRMK 8.5×11 Classic Leather Albums in a variety of colours


Project Life and WRMK 12×12 Classic Leather Albums in a RAINBOW of colours to choose from.

50% off them all!

At these once in a lifetime, crazy low prices AND our rockin’ new ‘flat rate’ shipping, you will want to stock up!

Happy Shopping!

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Our New Shipping Rates and Info


Today I want to highlight some BIG changes to our shipping policy.

You can see all of the details on our Shipping Information page.

Here is the low-down.

Our new shipping rates are FLAT RATE pricing. That means the more you spend the less you pay!


Also, there are no longer any “Add-On” restrictions. Remember when you had to order 2 or more textured cardstocks or include them with a larger order? Now can simply order what you want.

Oh – and this is our new policy so no deadline.

Restriction – the WRMK Card Organizer whether purchased in the shop or if you custom ordered it last month, there is a set shipping fee for that item and it ships separately.

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Worldwide Shipping Special!

Are you in South Africa, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil … Timbuktu?

Today, I am happy to announce that we are opening the shipping flood gates WIDE and offering this once in a lifetime shipping special to all our customers worldwide!

Worldwide Shipping Special

For the next 3 days (ends midnight EST on Sunday September 7th, 2014), customers from any country will have their order shipped at one low flat rate ( for some countries that is over 60% off the actual shipping cost.)

Spend over 100 and pay only $40 (£30) to have it shipped to you anywhere in the world from either shop!

Back To School SaleThis is the perfect time to take advantage of our Back To School specials where you can save up to 70% off Textured Cardstocks, Designer Dividers and 12×12 Designer Paper Packs. Plus you will want to pre-order your Project Life Baby Editions and Childhood Mini kits. This is also a great opportunity to stock up on Albums and Photo Pocket Pages.

Remember this shipping special ends at midnight EST on Sunday!

So don’t wait!

Exclusive items such as the Project Life Baby for Her and Him core kits are sold out in Becky’s shop and only available at Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle. Do not wait to get your’s pre-ordered. They are going fast and start shipping in just a few short weeks. Take advantage of this shipping deal this weekend and we will ship them out in October!


Mayfield Childhood Mini Kit Sampler


Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit Sampler


Wellington Childhood Mini Kit Sampler

Baby-HER-sampler2 Baby-HIM-sampler2 Baby-neutral-sampler2




Canada and the EU – There is still time to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING this is your weekend! Don’t forget to pre-order too.



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Project Life Childhood Mini Kits

You won’t believe how excited I am to have this one last opportunity to bring you the super cute, high quality and functional Project Life Childhood Mini Kits.

Mayfield Childhood Edition


Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit Wellington Childhood Mini Kit



And what perfect timing – with the kids back in classes this week why not start the year off right. Be organized and get their school memories recorded as you go. These kits also give lots of opportunity for your kids to be directly involved in recording their story with their own words and drawings.

Although our stock is not arriving until October 2014, if you pre-order right now you can take advantage of our Free Shipping special and I will ship them to you at my cost. Also, by pre-ordering now you ensure you will get a copy as we have very limited stock arriving and once they are gone – they are gone.

It has been almost a year since I last had these in stock so below are some photos of the cards included in each kit to refresh your memory.

Mayfield BridgeportWellington

All three kits are similar in their journal prompts and quotes. Just choose your favorite colour scheme.

My recommendation is as follows:

Mayfield – coordinates well as an continuation of the Baby for HER Core Kit
Bridgeport – coordinates well as an continuation of the Baby for HIM Core Kit
Wellington – coordinates well as an continuation of the Baby (Neutral) Core Kit

Of course they function well on their own too, paired with a Mini Album or 6×8 Album




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Project Life Baby Editions + Free Shipping = PRICELESS!!

Remember these?

Project Life Baby Editions


AND these?

Mayfield Childhood Edition

I am so thrilled to announce that I have a shipment arriving with the last of these Exclusive Project Life BABY Editions and original Childhood Mini Kits (and I mean very LAST).

Yup – that’s right! Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle is so excited to have the full size Baby Edition core kits and the Childhood Mini Kits available for Pre-Order, although in VERY LIMITED quantities. Thanks to our friends ‘down under’ for graciously letting us dip into their ‘retired’ stock, so I can offer you this LAST CHANCE opportunity!

These RETIRED editions are scheduled to arrive to my warehouses in October 2014! Due to the time-frame of the freight of this exclusive stock and that these items are officially out of print, we are offering an extended Pre-Order period so you can be sure to get yours secured for shipping in October 2014.


Oh but, wait there is more!

Back To School Sale

I have launched our BACK to SCHOOL sale!

Pick up textured cardstocks, 12×12 Paper packs and Dividers at up to 70% off!

Use the textured cardstock cards to create lunch ‘love’ notes, flash cards, or let your teens use them for colour coded study cards.

Stock up on Dividers and 12×12 paper packs, so you are ready to complete their school album!


And if that wasn’t enough…


Free Shipping

Get your order shipped for FREE (Canada and EU addresses only) until September 7, 2014

Yup, that’s right all Canadian, UK and EU orders ship FREE!

Plus, if you create a separate pre-order for the Baby Editions and Childhood Mini Kits by September 7th, I will even ship them for free when they arrive in October!

I think this good news deserves a #happydance Don’t you?



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