Q & A Friday

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Last week I posted how I have used Project Life to record 9 years of our lives. And I did it in just 6 days.

That included two big trips and 5000+ photos.

Can you say AWESOME! My family is so excited.

And YOU had some great questions!

Before I get to answering them, I want to let you know about my “Scrapbooking Tip and Secrets” monthly newsletter. You can sign up for it over to the right. Just enter your name and email. Each month I will email you a secret that will take the stress out of scrapbooking.

Here is what one relieved mom said about the newsletter:

I think you are my fairy godmother !! How do you KNOW ?! – looking forward to the journey and not having to avoid my cupboard full of guilt (stack of unused albums – far more photos of child 1 than poor old child 2 etc ) any more – and knowing I am not alone


Now on to your questions:


Q. What about journaling the past/historical photos?

A. To be honest, if I don’t remember the story, it is okay. I keep it simple. My main focus is to name who is in the photo and where they may be at (Grandma’s house, family trip, etc). Remember “It is what it is”.

Here are three pages from my albums where there wasn’t much for journaling.






On this layout I let the Turquoise journal cards do the talking.


Q. Jessica asked: I so so need to do this and I have family albums that I am revamping with the old yucky glue too. Do I really have to scrape that stuff off?? UGH!

A. The yucky glue will eventually crumble and I don’t know about how acid-free it is (I would guess it is NOT), so I would recommend you get off what you can. My Mom used dental floss, but thin fishing line could work too.


Q. Jill asked: What do YOU do with sizes that don’t fit pockets?

A. My mom has graciously agreed to share a couple photos of her layouts using those odd sized photos. I also want to bring everyone’s attention to a post Becky Higgins did this week regarding this very issue – be sure to let her know the odd sizes of your photos.









Q. Alicia asked: If you print all of your photos, how are you putting any vertical ones in the 3×4 slots? Aren’t they printed vertically at 4×6?

A. I do print all my photos in advance. The photos I choose to crop to fit the 3×4 slots can be from either a horizontal or vertical 4×6. I simply trim any unwanted part of the image to get more focused on the subject. Hope that makes sense. Note: you will have to trim just slightly smaller then 3×4 to get them to slide in easily.


Q. What site do you recommend for off-site, online backups?

A. I use and highly recommend Live Drive.


Q. Can we see the inside, even just a few pages?

A. As I stated in the post, I made the decision to not share my pages because scrapbooking is so very personal. However I can understand everyone’s curiosity. So above are a few layouts and here are a couple more. As you can see, I keep it real simple.

Our trip to Trinidad and Tobago - title page. Mostly Turquoise Edition and a couple cards from the Wellington mini kit

Our trip to Trinidad and Tobago – title page. Mostly Turquoise Edition and a couple cards from the Wellington mini kit


I used the Amber Edition for our 2011 album

I used the Amber Edition and Tan Arrows for our 2011 album