Project Life + American Crafts and what it means for those of us outside the USA

Posted on October 29, 2012 | 2 comments

If you haven’t heard Becky’s news yet this morning, be sure to check out her blog post here

So very excited for Becky and David and especially for Project Life. With the expansion into stores so many more people will have access to this phenomenal product! *HAPPY DANCE*

If you live outside the USA you may be wondering how this directly affects you right now and in 2013? I don’t have all the answers, but I can address a few things.

1. First and foremost our shops are open and still offering Project Life. Know that you, our customers, are most the important and that things are staying the same as you have come to expect. Great Product, Great Customer Service.

2. The current Project Life Editions (Amber, Turquoise, Cherry, Cobalt, Clementine) are LIMITED EDITIONS. If you want any of these 5 editions, and have been on the fence about purchasing it, I recommend to do not wait. Once they are sold out, they are gone for good.

3. Pre-Orders – we are still accepting pre-orders on Childhood Mini Kits, Baby Editions, Seafoam and Olive Editions. It is important that you place your pre-order for these items now. We are still on track to receive them at our respective warehouses during the holiday season.

4. Retailers that received a personal invitation from me late last week to carry Project Life in your store this Holiday season, the offer is still available, but only for a limited time. Act Fast! American Crafts will have new products in 2013, but not until April. So if you want Project Life in store right now, we have stock in our warehouses ready to ship. Please contact me to request a retailer package if you did not already receive an email from me.

5. Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle is working directly with American Crafts to continue to offer Project Life in 2013 in Canada, Europe and other international locations. I don’t have all the details or even know yet how that is going to look, but know we have our customers very much at the centre of our discussions.

I want add a personal THANK YOU to my distributors in Singapore and South Africa, for helping bring Project Life to more parts of the world. I truly appreciate them. The shop in Singapore will continue to carry Project Life and is still taking Pre-Orders.

I will provide more details as I can, but for right now know that it is business as usual. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


  1. Hi. Does this mean that the Project Life South Africa office will not be in operation any more? My family and I are moving there next year, and I am concerned! Also, do you know whether the albums and page protectors will still be made by the same manufacturer? I am guessing not… and that worries me, because the AC page protectors and albums I have used have not been as durable or as high quality as the ones I’ve purchased from Project Life. I have really appreciated working with you, as you have been very responsive and quick to deal with any problems I’ve had. I do not have a scrapbooking store closer than 4 hours away, so the on-line shopping has been a good option for me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…. :)

    • Carmen,

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      I am putting together a blog post to answer your’s and other’s questions. I should have something up for tomorrow morning.


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