Project Life Photography Theme {Week 3}, The #1’s

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This week’s Project Life Photography themes is to record what were the #1’s during the year you were born. I did a quick Google search to find all three.


I listed the #1 Book, Song and Movie from the year I was born on a journal card (from the Turquoise Edition), using the color stickers for the “1” (from the Turquoise Edition).



You can also find images on Google of the Book cover, the Movie poster and Album Cover. Or if you want to go even further, you can find and download the actual song (mp3) and Youtube video (if applicable) and burn it to a CD to add to your album using a Design E Photo Pocket Page.  I add the Design E page to the back of my album and put any cd’s we create through the year there. Then on the layout out I reference the CD in the back and what is on it.

You may want to do this for the year your significant other was born and if you have kids you can feature them too! This is also a great idea to use for the week of their birthday.

Feel free to share what was making it big the year you were born, below in the comments. It would be interesting to see what everyone discovered.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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